The Designer app is now open for the next round of Versus events

1st February 2019: opening of the event

~~ Please read carefully the requirements and rules before applying ~~

** Designer Rules **

•Versus event is a designer event which rounds start the 1st at 12pm SLT and the 28th at 3pm SLT every other month.
• Payment must be made directly on the Marketplace
• Your booth will be assigned by the event manager
• Each designer will need to create an exclusive mesh version for this event.
• Articles must be ready for sale before the opening of the event.
• It is forbidden to settle before 25
• Please place your exclusive articles in the Versus Event group so that bloggers can blog your articles.
• During the event, the items remain exclusive to the event and can not be sold on any platform.
• The photos of the sellers will be the day of your configuration and sent to the resident Gioelina, in the format 1024 x 1024.
• All designers must have the supplied Versus Event sign displayed in their main store.
• There is no theme (we advise you to make a seasonal product)
• Gacha are only allowed if it is a new product
• Please limit the use of the script. do not use hovertext